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With Savage Desk, you will be able to:

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Install your sites easily, very quickly.

WordPress site installation

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Randomly assign an IP address with this function available from O2Switch and automatically. Perfect for managing PBNs.


Fully compatible with shared or dedicated cPanel hosting. Create a new account, or use an existing account to deploy your site in less than a minute.

Site Template

Install your sites according to your needs, configure your custom templates, without any footprint.

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Writing by AI or by Humans


Savage Desk, makes it easy for you to edit your website. Deploying a site in a theme will now take you less than a minute.

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Connect your accounts, we will take care of the ip change! A considerable time saving.


Automatically add your sites to CloudFlare (multi-account support). Comfort and safety.


Use, Deepl, Google Search Console, cloaking and all our tools to make your life easier.


Add your sites and be notified by email if a defect is detected. What to sleep on its two ears.

Order your texts and manage all your projects.

WordPress Copywriting

Manage all your content projects and writers. Publish in one click. No more complicated than that.

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Project management

Create your writing projects and track orders easily. It is no longer a problem to manage many projects at the same time!

Management of the web editor

Invite your editors to use WebEditor. Order articles from them, and publish directly after delivery, on all your sites.

Use your account to diversify your content sources.


Track expenses, customized by writer and by month. No more nasty surprises in your content budget!

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Email alert

Receive an alert when a problem is detected. So you can intervene quickly in case of a problem!

Monitor your websites, without stress.


Compatible with all your sites. The tool regularly checks that everything is going well on your network.

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If you recognize yourself in any of the following situations, be sure to read the following:

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